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Polish Pharmaceutical Corporate Website Redesign

copy, illustrations, web design


USP Zdrowie is Poland's leading over-the-counter pharmaceutical company. Innovators during Poland's transition to a market economy, they were the first company to market medicine directly to consumers. They continue this tradition to today, using socially responsible digital marketing to promote health and wellness and their corporate brand among Polish consumers through apps, social media campaigns and an interactive traveling pavilion.

Speaking to Consumers

I set out to redesign the website to better represent of USP Zdrowie's mission of bringing health into the homes of Polish consumers, and to this end wanted to speak in a language that consumers could relate to.

This meant not only changing the visual concept, but also completely overhauling the copy used throughout the site.

The Polish language is a difficult one, with complicated layers of formality that when coupled with corporate jargon make it hard to speak in a consumer friendly way. I worked to break down this communication barrier, and to create a new and more natural corporate voice for the company not only for their website but in all their interactions with consumers.

Ania in front of floor filled with sketches

Visual Concept

The new visual concept centered on hand drawn illustrations on paper. The imperfect lines were warmer and brought back a more down to earth and human touch.

The figures were depicted as normal people of all genders and ages engaged in activities broadly associated with a healthy lifestyle, allowing consumers to more easily relate to the figures than to stock photos.

Illustrations for USP Zdrowie website

Landing Page

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Career Page

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News Page

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