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Hiring Startup

Branding, illustration, web design, UX, pitch deck design


I was approached by an enterpreneur to create branding for a startup concept. The startup was to be a temp agency hiring app that would help millennials get gigs with just a few taps on the phone. The platform created opportunities for young people to make money in high turn over fields and gain experience. Companies often suffer from unfilled positions while looking for hires for work full time, or they just need an extra pair of hands once in a while. The founder decided on the name OfficeSweet for her concept. We decided to go with honey as an inspiration for the branding. The modular nature of a hive was a good metaphor for fitting into an empty position in an unbiased and easy way.


The concept of the app was to help millennials to be efficently matched by an algorithm to companies in need of employees, without bias in the hiring process. The honeycomb icon with a simplified happy face in an amber color is open and friendly, conveying this message. A rounded font was selected for the wordmark to match the warm and casual nature of the product.

OfficeSweet Branding

Illustrations and Icons

Using colors established for the brand, I created visuals for the website and the pitch deck. I wanted to show diversity and gender equality for all potential applicants. The custom made icons described the features and advantages of the product in a simple to understand and attractive way.

OfficeSweet Visual Icons
OfficeSweet Honeycomb Illustration

The pitch deck was designed to be emailed to prospective investors in a compact and clear visual form.

OfficeSweet Pitch Deck

Developing the Product

The founder asked me to visualize the concept that she had envisioned. She described the feautures and I delived them in the form of rich wirefames. We included them in the pitch deck, so investors could see what differenciated OfficeSweet from competiting products. The mobile device was a crucial part of the user flow, since a lot of communication between the app and the millennial users would be through text messaging.

OfficeSweet Mockups
OfficeSweet Mockups

Landing Page

I designed a landing page that introduced potential users to the product concept. Product developement was at a very early stage, so the founder did not want to reveal too many details. We included just enough to make people curious and to encourage them to sign up to receive more information in the future.

OfficeSweet Landing Page